Clocked In Wins at 4th Nomadic DIY Fest

Clocked In has just won the competition section of the 4th International Nomadic DIY Film Fest. "A month long adventure with the 2012 DIY FILM FEST is almost over. I am delighted to inform that the winner of the Sarah Jacobson’s Spirit of DIY contest is the movie: Сlocked in by Ike Ahloe! Below there is a small gallery of pictures from this year’s festival and of what we were doing as the festival is about people!"

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September 6, 2012  |   Share:

AMC Theaters Kansas City FilmFest: Official Competition Selection!

More info coming soon

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March 22, 2012  |   Share:


this is the award fromt he diy film festival

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March 10, 2012  |   Share:

DIY FILM FESTIVAL: BEST ANIMATED FILM See the announcement. Clocked In won the award for "Best Animated Film" at the 2012 DIY Film Festival

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February 21, 2012  |   Share:

DIY Film Festival Announcement:Finalist for Best Animated Short follow the link for the official announcement of finalists in each category. All of the people listed will get either Best Film in respective category, or Honorable Mention. Awesome either way dudes!

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February 16, 2012  |   Share:

Official Selection: DIY Film Festival

Clocked In is nominated for best animated short in the DIY Film Festival. Date and venue to be announced. Stay tooned

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February 11, 2012  |   Share:

Screening at Screen Social

Clocked In is playing in screen social in London! Screen social is this event that mashes up music, DJs, Film, Animation, and other short stuff into one event. Check out their website for more info.

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November 17, 2011  |   Share:

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